How can I decrypt elements of the config file?

  • I have an old backup file of a past configuration.  There is a section of the backup file that contains Allowed IP's.  We are configuring a new PF server and would need that list of IP to be entered in this new configuration.  When I review the backup I see the section in question but the IP's are in a custom file and the data seems compressed or encypted in some fashion.  Is there a way to uncompress the custom data so it can be read?


  • Restore it to a test box and pull out what you need.

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    The custom data that you see in the config.xml file is in base_64 compressed format.

    If you goto Diagnostics:Command Prompt in the GUI -

    And in the PHP Execute Box type :

    print base64_decode("  coded String  ");

    So you will need to view the config.xml file (or the Backup file) and look for the line with your coded string

    "coded string"

    and copy the "coded string" part …  It will output the decoded string to the Screen.

    Hope this helps!

  • $ cat - | base64 -d

    Paste the encoded data and end with Ctrl-D (EOF).

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