Rumous : With just 01 WAN port with VLAN setting can to make loadbalancing many

  • I hear from one person how currently do project to make Gateway from Debian OS

    And with just one Network Card for WAN, he can do many VLAN, and do ATM (PPPoE) for connect to many ADSL Modem (in bridge Mode) to make loadbalancing.

    Each VLAN with connect to particular ADSL Modem to establish PPPoE connection , each connection was identify by MAC Address of each ADSL Modem (those ADSL Modem connect to this WAN port via Switch)

    I will post more detail if I able to get more information about this project

    TuanND from Vietnam

  • You'll need a properly configured vlan-switch to attach all the modems to that goes to the trunkport of the pfSense but it will work.

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