Seems simple MultiWAN / MultiLAN no loadbalance

    cable modem 1
          (DHCP from comcast -
               |                         |-LAN3[opt2] (192.168.2.x/24)
               |     pfsense             |-LAN2[opt1] (192.168.3.x/24)
               |                         |-LAN (192.168.1.x/24)
        / (DHCP from comcast -
     cable modem 2

    I'm trying to get this working, and failing miserably (cutting off network access to everyone).

    for now all i want is the following: (read: i don't want load balancing)

    • LAN and LAN2 traffic flow through WAN (currently working)

    • LAN3 traffic flow through WAN2

    I also need to be able to forward ports through WAN and WAN2 to IP's on the LAN's.

    I tried setting WAN2[opt3] to DHCP and it started to really screw things up without any other changes. I think because WAN2's ip was on the same subnet as WAN1. aAl of my LAN and LAN2 traffic started to flow through WAN2 (using WAN2's DNS servers ect)

    I have no idea where to even start with setting up WAN2 and the routing/NAT for it. I looked at the MultiWan doc and it mentions using the modems in 'router mode' which I cant do. I can only deal with the DHCP addresses that they provide me with. I've searched through the forums but couldn't come up with anything in this setup.

    is this possible or do i need to approach this some other way?

    The eventual goal here is to forward traffic of type X (my roommates sure do love bittorrent) from all 3 LANs to WAN2, and the rest to WAN1

  • Looks like you're probably getting the same gateway IP on both WANs? If that's the case, because the load balancing/routing is done by the gateway IP of the WAN connection, you'll need a NAT device (another pfSense box, a m0n0wall, or Linksys etc.) between one of the cable modems and pfSense.

    So you'll have this:

    cable modem 2 – NAT device -- pfS WAN2

    where WAN2 has a private IP (different subnet from any of your internal networks)

  • that makes sense.. feel kinda stupid for not picking up on that  :P

    that said, how would i forward ports through 2 NAT's like that?:
    modem –---( linksys_router( ----- ( box ------ LAN3(

    if i can get the modem to get a different gateway, what would my next step be?

  • bump. i was never able to figure this out :(
    anyone have any thoughts?

  • Are you a commercial customer of Comcast with statically assigned ip's? if not-

    Change the mac address on one of your WAN interfaces and see if that will assign you a new IP and gateway.

    I haven't used a setup like yours but Ive played with different gateways from my cable company that way before they got things balanced…

    If your a commercial customer call them and request it.

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