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  • Hi everybody.

    I setup today my firsr wrap, with a nice alixC3 (thanks pcengines.ch). I installed with Pfsense, it's a nice job.

    I have just a issue with the dns resolution speed…. With my old router (ddwrt) it's fast when surfing the web. I setup PfSense with the sames options (dns, gateway),i just can't anderstand why it's so slow. I had a look in the resolv.conf file, and of course here is the mistake ! In my DDWRT resolv.conf is only field with nameserver :

    I tried to modify this file, but the reboot put back the old value. Is there any other file to edit ?

    Thanks for your help.. :P

  • What did you put under "System" –> "General Setup" --> "DNS servers" ?
    Is the checkbox "Allow DNS server list to be overridden by DHCP/PPP on WAN" active?

  • In the general setup i put opendns server ip adresses….

    "Is the checkbox "Allow DNS server list to be overridden by DHCP/PPP on WAN" active?"
    ->i tried with both choice, but no change...

    My setup : a modem/router (, and pfsense (, i tried with opendns or with my modem-router dns, and it's still slow (DDwRT isn't with the same setup).... I don't have any download speed problem, it's just the dns resolution wich is dramaticly slow !

  • Is there a script wich sets /etc/resolv.conf on every reboot ? I delete "nameserver domainlocal", but it cames back on the next reboot… I think that's why my dns resolution is sow slow... But i can find where to edit the dns...


  • You can always push the OpenDNS entries to the clients directly.
    Just set the OpenDNS IP's in the DHCP config.

  • of course i can… But it's not the best solution... I would prefer have a dns caching from the pfsense box.

    i keep on searching where is the right place to edit the dns...

  • As i wrote: "System" –> "General Setup" --> "DNS servers"

    The config is rebuilt from the config.xml file (you can download it in the backup-config menu)  everytime you press save or reboot.

    What exactly do you want to change manually in the resolv.conf?
    What do you mean is missconfigured in there?

  • In "System" –> "General Setup" --> "DNS servers" i setup the DNS i use. But the resolv.conf first line contains a line that i suspect to slow the resolution : "domain local"... I would like to have my resolv.conf containing only my dns.

    Thanks !

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