Removing a USB device causes automatic interface assignment preventing reboot

  • Hi All,

    I have gone through mounting a USB modem to the pfSense as a backup internet and having it appear as ue0. If it is assigned to an interface and the pfSense is rebooted without the USB device, the pfSense decides it has detected an interface change and goes through the prompts on the console, effectively pausing the boot indefinitely.

    This is a major problem, as it will cut off internet access to the device, leaving the client with an effectively useless firewall and no internet. I will then have to go on-site to fix, when the USB was just a backup device anyway and the main internet is still working.

    Anyone know of an option/hack to prevent the detection of an interface change on boot and have it boot without the ue interfaces so we can fix through the web interface?

  • There probably is another way around this, but the two most obvious solutions I can think of;
    1. Don't unplug the USB device - pfSense expects to continue seeing an interface once it's configured
    2. If there is room in the box, install an internal network card, so it can't be disconnected

    Problem with USB is that even if you don't disconnect it, anybody else who has access to the box could. Then, you're on a callout!

  • I found another post related to interfaces and saw a PHP reference, so I did some digging and found where the mismatch reallocation is triggered, so I will be looking into the /etc/rc.bootup file and see if I can disable an interface if it is missing and is a ue type.

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