Bind or djb authoritative and recursion with dyn update

  • New to pfsense, hoping to replace an old ubuntu router/firewall with it. DNS is giving me some trouble, I have tried both servers and I'm having issues with them on my test network.

    DNS needs to be authoritative for local LAN and DMZ zones and also provide recursion from those zones. DNS isn't listening at all on WAN. Would be great if the builtin DHCP server could update dns for both zones.

    djbdns (dns-server package) provides great local resolution but no recursion when the recursion option is enabled for local addresses/interfaces. Trying from another machine with dig shows that recursion was requested but not enabled. It doesn't recurse for localhost either.

    bind is also great for local resolution and also provides good recursion from all desired areas, the problem is that it doesn't seem to provide the same support for dhcp-dns updates. djbdns has options on the settings page for this, I can't see anything for bind.

    Am I missing something? Is there a recommended way to achieve what I'm trying to do?

    Grateful for any tips you guys can throw at me. Happy to provide more info/screenshots or whatever.

    Thanks in advance

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