• Im using pfSense as more of a router-routing Internet to my current firewall which has a DMZ behind and also a user network.

    Basically I have a subnet of 5 Public IP's-Routing them to my firewall that reroutes- I would just go without pfSense but the cluster firewall I have behind pfSense would need more than 5 Public IP's to work

    I am having an issue sending the Public IP's to firewall. I am able to browse the web from behind the firewall so the outbound traffic is working.

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

  • Thanks for any help you can offer.

    Help with what, exactly?  Your topic is a single word, and your post is a pair of statements.  Was there a question or problem in there that I missed?

  • updated the original post

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    Why pfSense in front of a firewall at all? How are you using pfSense to increase the number of IP addresses without using NAT?

  • using pfSense so I can keep my current 5 public IP's then on the internal side I can use how ever many IP's I want to

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    So you are natting from a public IPs on wan of pfsense to rfc1918 address on lan side of pfsense..  So if your natting you have to port forward to get traffic from wan to lan..

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