DHCP dynamic + static - Internet access only for STATIC clients

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    I have some networks with DHCP IPv4 enabled, dynamic range defined and some static clients at the upper end of the IP range (.99.12, .99.13, .99.14), see attached. Whenever a dynamic IP is handed out, the client can not access the internet, while static clients have no problems at all.

    Nothing in the firewall, simply no states are established for dynamic clients, no DNS, nothing…

  • Are the dynamic clients listed in a static mapping? As it says on that checkbox, they must be. Doesn't have to have an IP specified, but the MAC must be there.

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    …while I couldn't sleep last night I came to the same conclusion! :-D Thanks for the reply to this NOOB mistake.

    Now I disabled the "Enable static ARP entries" requirement, but only on this interface. Let's see how the dynamic clients behave today!

    Is it a problem if "static ARP" is enabled on other interfaces, does this have to be consistent over all interfaces? I remember a recent problem that the list of static ARP is shared across interfaces...

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