Cannot ping WAN Router

  • Hi,

    I am new still pretty new to pfsense and am trying to get a dual WAN setup to work. I had pfsense fully working with the following setup using a single WAN connection.

    • Netgear DG 834 GT in 'modem' mode connected to WAN interface on pfsense
    • WAN interface configured to use DHCP and DNS forwarder enabled.

    This was workign perfectly, the WAN interface got assigned a public IP by my ISP and after setting up a few NAT mappings and firewall rules  I even had VoiP working.

    I have followed the guide and changed my Netgear DG 834 GT to work in Router mode. When I plug myself in to the netgear box directly I get assigned an IP address ( and gateway as well as DNS are set to the routers address ( I can browse the internet and all is good.
    When I connect the WAN interface to the netgear router, the WAN interface gets assigned an IP address and the same Gateway and DNS settings, but I cannot gain access if I then plug myself into the LAN interface on pfsense… I checked that block provate networks is unchecked on the WAN interface configuration page, but am stuck now.

    One thing I noticed is that I cannot even ping the netgear router ( from teh WAN interface on pfsense, which has been asigned the IP

    Any suggestions of what to try next?

  • Could you draw a diagramm of which IP-range is where?

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