Two DHCP pools one with specific options

  • Im trying to setup my LAN to have two DHCP pools, but one of the pools requires to have option 60 set to IPTV_RG

    My case:
    In my network I have a mix of IPTV-decorders and regular PC's/phones etc.
    The IPTV decoders need option 60 to be set on the DHCP server to be able to receive a IP (range 192.168.10 ~ 20
    The rest of the devices need a regular setup of the DHCP server (range ~ 200)

    the IPTV decoders should be routed to WAN_VLAN4 and the other devices to WAN_VLAN34.

    Does anyone know how to do this, In the webui I cannot find DHCP options for a specific pool. Other suggestions are welcome too, but keep in mind im trying to avoid VLANS in my local network (switch restrictions).

  • You cannot have two DHCP servers on the same interface.
    Build two separate networks for that.

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    "im trying to avoid VLANS in my local network (switch restrictions)."

    Well that seems to be your problem - get a switch that supports vlans if you are wanting to do stuff this vlans..  Or get another dumb switch and do 2 physical different networks..  If you want to just hand out specific IPs to stuff what does option 60 have to do with it, that is just a way to identify to a dhcp server anyway so it can hand out specific options.  Why not just setup normal dhcp reservations for IP on your devices based upon their mac?

  • He should be be able to do this if he knows the MAC addresses of the Devices he needs in the secondary pool, no?

    Blacklist those MACs from the primary pool, and make a secondary pool with the option set and which whitelists the same MACs?

    Is there a reason that wouldn't work?

    (Provided he's not using a /24, but rather a /16)

    (It wouldn't be ideal by a long shot, but possible?)