SOLVED: Only able to surf https and not http after upgrade to 2.3

  • So got a weird and I hope this is the right thread for it.

    I had DansGuardian and Squid working on the 2.2 release (i think that was the release) and then decided to upgrade to the newer 2.3 which removed DansGuardian as it wasn't supported. Loving the new interface but for some reason I can't figure out why the LAN portion isn't able to open a browser to any http websites. https requests works great. I can ping the sites no issues and also tracert to them. If I put my PC on the DMZ then the issues go away.

    I've checked the FW rules and nothing really stands out at the LAN side. Here are the Rules

    1. Anti-lockout rule source any to destination any port 443,80,22 allow
    2. source LAN net Destination any allow

    Let me know if you require any other specific details that might be needed.

  • Figured it out… I had to configure a DansGuardian NAT rule to redirect all traffc from LAN to port 8080....Grrr.