• Hello,

    I installed the latest version of pfsense, and set the ip adress of the WAN interface(em0)

    all local network boxes can go to internet through pfsense firewall and even ping the WAN ip of pfsense box

    then I realized, pfsense was not responding to ping from outside

    I notice that for one brief moment it is pingable while the system is booting but then it goes off again

    can someone help ?

  • I think you have to allow ICMP to the firewall over wan.

  • :-) you think ?
    I see the requests of my machine in the filter log, so I guess they are filtered
    I just have to figure how to do this :-)

    1. was playing on the safe side.
      Got to Firewall -> Rules -> Wan click on the Add button.

    Create the rule with the following settings:
    Action: Pass
    Interface: WAN
    Protocol: ICMP
    Source: any (or the other side you want to ping it from)
    Destionation: This firewall (self)

    Press save and reload.

  • wow it works like a charm

    so my machine is pingable

    but still cant connect to vpn and cant ssh to it

    I started the ssh shell in system admin, received notifications that ssh keys were created

    but although a netstat seems to show ssh listening, the ssh deamon is not running ???

  • ok I made the changes in the firewall, it accepts ssh

    strange the web config does not do that automaticaly

  • Do you have the vpn connected ?
    You will also have to create rules in the firewall for IPsec.
    In the firewall you will find floating, wan, lan and ipsec rules.