After 2.3 upgrade from 2.1 (netgate c2758), no boot loader

  • So I did the 2.3 upgrade, and everything was ok until I did another reboot, and now I get no /boot/loader after the BIOS loads up.
    I've heard there are some NanoBSD issues that could cause this on newer hardware, but the workarounds all involve accessing the loader prompt which I can't seem to open. I get the boot: prompt, and I've tried esc, 3, and using the spacebar to access the loader menu but no luck. What am I doing wrong here?

    If I just let the boot process continue, it stops after a couple seconds and all I see is this:

  • Usually the cause of that is it running out of disk space during the upgrade. 2.1 didn't have protections against that happening.

    You'll need to reinstall, best to start with 2.3. You can choose the config rescue option in the installer for it to pick up your current config and put it on the clean install.

  • Thanks for the reply cmb!

    Just to clarify, I should grab a fresh install ISO of 2.3 x64, and it will have a config rescue option, or is that option only available in the 2.3 upgrade ISO? Also, based on the screenshot I posted before, I was on the x86 version of 2.1-RELEASE, so should I stick with the x86 version when doing a fresh 2.3 install, or should I go with x64? Again this is on a Netgate C2758, and it came preloaded with everything.

    I really do need to preserve the settings (especially for the WAN interface), so a config rescue would be extremely helpful.

    Thanks in Advance for any help!

  • It's the same installer whether you do it from memstick or ISO. There isn't an upgrade ISO vs. a new install one. Definitely want to use 64 bit.

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