10$ dif for 200 vs gig - yeah that is a no brainer.. What I would go for gig as well at that sort of price point and difference.. What I really want is the up.. But if I went gig from my 500/50 it only goes to 1000/100 - and its like 20+ more a month.. And I really can not justify the download side.. I have no real use for it, and the up is only for my friends and family to share my plex.. And 50 is handling the current load without any issues. But if I could get 1000/1000 I would jump on it for sure if only 20 more, for 10 = no brianer.. So if your going to do gig/gig - 1100 prob bit under powered.. 3100 would be what you would want. Just ordered 4th 3100 for work ;) pretty happy.. Just wish they would let me use them for some other devices with more umph... Its been a slow process.. But out of the blue my team lead said today - hey order another one of those firewalls ;)