Updating on top of Netgate/ADI install images

  • I'm troubleshooting a Netgate SG-4860. Current/remaining symptom is that package and updates do not work at all, I suspect some sort of corruption or bad shutdown with /var configured in RAM. Possibly something like https://redmine.pfsense.org/issues/6906. I've followed the advice here to no avail: https://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Fixing_a_Broken_pkg_Database.

    Anyway, my question is this: If I'm starting with Netgate/ADI-specific images, such as


    do future updates use a Netgate/ADI-specific repo? Does the choice of update mechanism matter, web UI, pfSense-upgrade, pkg, console update menu,  or any other update mechanism?

    Is there a possibility of starting with Netgate/ADI-specific packages and updating in a way that conflicts, e.g., installing Community Edition files?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes they do use a specific repo.

    All update mechanisms should give the same result. However if you've had any issues updating you can get more debug info by updating from the command line.

    If you're using a factory install image you have to try hard to switch to the CE repo. It's very unlikely to happen by accident. You will not see any conflicts there.


  • Thanks, that's what I assumed but nice to have confirmation.

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