Two modems from different ISPs both with Static IP. Want to use one connection as a backup

  • hi everyone, need your help.
    I have two modem-routers from two different ISPs, both with Static IP addresses, and have firewall Netgear prosecure UTM150.
    One ISP is Virgin, we are using Cisco 2900 series for it, another ISP is BT with BT HUB type-a.
    We are using Virgin as our main internet connection and I want to use BT as a backup connection without auto failover, just manually switch from one to another if main one goes down.
    Ok, so in NETGEAR utm150 Virgin is on WAN3, has static IP address details, subnet mask and etc, works fine. BT is on WAN1, has IP address details and etc, BT internet works if connect directly to BT hub using ethernet cable but not through UTM150. WAN1 and WAN3 both set to use NAT. On UTM150 I go to settings and change primary interface from WAN3 to WAN1, says operation was successful, but internet doesn't work, in WAN1 status I can see that it's up and it is using the static IP address that was provided by BT but when I try to google or ping something it just times out, at the same time computer that is connected to BT hub directly has internet access, tried to disconnect computer from the hub, no change.
    Also when we had dynamic IP from BT and WAN1 was getting details automatically from ISP it worked fine. The only change I did is I asked BT to provide us a static IP and I updated WAN1 settings with Static IP address, subnet mask and gateway, it the same details we have in BT hub now, BT confirmed that details ar3 correct. I didn't change any settings in BT hub.
    I'm a noob here, can anyone help please.

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    And where in any of this is a Netgate device or pfSense firewall software?

  • @derelict netgear prosecure utm150 is our firewall. Both modems from ISP are connected to it on wan1 and wan3. And utm150 is connected to a switch. There's no pfsence software.

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    I have to wonder why you are here looking for help then. This is for pfSense and Netgate hardware. Note: Not Netgear.

  • @derelict did a Google search for netgear dual wan and one of the links was to this forum))) It crossed my mind that it's probably a wrong place to ask for help with my issue but I decided to give it a go anyways)