Pfsenee with Mikrotik router

  • Dear all,

    I've been always a follower to this forum and looking to be an active member here to learn more on pfsense!

    I have this problem.

    My previous setup was like this:

    My setup now:> pfsense (NAT) --->DSL modem---> Internet>Mikrotik-->pfsense(OPT_Interface)
    It's not working, unfortunately and I don't know why!

    Pfsense have three interface (WAN,LAN,OPT). LAN1 i use ip address by default. OPT i use OPT interface (IP: have connect to Mikrotic router. I have route to LAN2 and add rule like allow any and NAT I choose Manual Outbound and add new Mapping

    Mikrotic Router have two interface. One interface connect to Pfsense (IP : and other interface For LAN2( I have route to LAN1 by static route and also to NAT.

    here it is:
    i can't ping the from Mikritic.
    i can ping from Pfsense LAN
    i can use internet from

    Please Help me.

  • Ping is only possible if you have a rule that authorise it between networks ...

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Why did you start another thread on this? If your routing is correct, then yes firewalls could be an issue. Also policy routing could be problem.. If your using say a vpn on pfsense, and sending traffic out some vpn interface before you allow it to go to the mik to get to the 172.16 network.

    You would have to put a rule above your policy route to be able to allow 192.168 to ping 172.16

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