ipconfig/all showing secondary CARP device interface IP as DHCP server address instead of the VIP - is this as expected?

  • I am examining our CARP setup and just want to check what I'm seeing isn't a configuration failure.

    ipconfig/all shows VIP as default gateway and DNS server but the secondary CARP interface for DHCP server.

    I found this question on the forum. A reply states the pool is shared between the pair.

    This link from the ISC documentation says the same thing i.e. that the pool is shared.

    I can see that leases are sync'd. All looks good, all working fine.

    However, I just want to confirm for sure that I should be seeing a physical interface IP as the DHCP server instead of the VIP?

    NOTE: This question was originally in the DHCP section but I moved it here because it seemed the better location.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    You might get an answer from the primary or the secondary. The interface address - not the CARP VIP - will be the DHCP server shown.

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