[SOLVED] VLAN - Can't access/ping hosts

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm having this issue where I cannot ping hosts or access them thru interfaces some of them are VLANs.

    My setup is like this:

    DSL Modem –--> PfSense Box ----> HP ProCurve 1810-24G v2

    3 NICs on the PfSense Box, 1 dedicated to WAN, 1 dedicated to LAN (Switch Port 1, excluded from VLANs) and the last one is
    Tagged on Port 2 on the ProCurve for VLANs only.

    HP Switch setup
    Ports 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 Untagged for VLAN100
    Port 3 Untagged for cascading Dell Switch for VLAN150
    Ports 15, 17, 19, 21 Untagged for VLAN200
    Rest of ports are excluded for Tagging/Untagging (LAN)

    em0 - WAN
    em1 - LAN
    em2 - VLANs:

    VLAN100 - SERVER
    VLAN150 - LAB
    VLAN200 - ISCSI

    What I can do:

    DHCP on every VLAN (ISCSI, LAB, SERVER) interface
    Ping each VLAN Gateway (no matter which interface [,,,])
    Ping LAN's devices/hosts
    Manage VMs on the Management interface (LAN)
    Get to the outside world from any interface.

    What I can't do:

    Ping SERVER interface's hosts from LAN, LAB or ISCSI interfaces
    Access VMs on the SERVER interface from LAN, LAB or ISCSI interfaces
    Ping LAB interface's devices/PCs from LAN, SERVER or ISCSI interface
    Access PCs/WiFi Printer on the LAB interface from LAN, SERVER or ISCSI interfaces

    I have created rules for every single interface to allow everything, I checked if NAT was doing something weird but everything seems ok (I'm attaching some screen captures), I have re-checked every basic/advanced setting on the PfSense box and the ProCurve Switch and they're supposed to be working as planned, but I simply can't ping thru interfaces.

    I had something like this maybe 3 years ago but can't find my notes on that, maybe it's so easy that I'm overseeing it.

    Any hint or help will be much more appreciated.


  • Screen captures.

  • Is everyone using the same gateway?

    e.g. are all your servers, workstations, default gateway the HP procurve switch?

  • Thank you, you reminded me to check my server's network config and there was a typo on it.

    Everything is working as supposed to.  ;)

  • I have this exact same problem… can you guys give more detail on what you did?

    aren't the gateways on each host supposed to be set to the VLAN gateway?

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