Installation problem / Hardware error - PowerEdge R210 II

  • Hello,

    For at least 2 years I've been running PFSense on a Dell PowerEdge R210 II. Never had a hardware problem. (Was using 2.2.5 when the problem occured)

    Last week, out of nowhere (it seemed, since I was on vacation) pfsense stop reconizing my interfaces, all 4 interfaces. According to the guy who replaced me, he didn't change nothing, the only unsual thing was a blackout during the night, wicth the no break couldn't handle. Not sure if that was the reason.

    The problem is that we tryed several things wicth no success. I decided to make a clean install. The problem was, the system doesn't finish booting with the CD. It presents a "HARDWARE ERROR" (See screen in the attachments). I thought it could be a NIC problem, but we installed Windows, and everything went ok, every port was working fine.

    So, can anyone help me find a solution for my problem?

    PS.: I'm not a native english speaker, so I'm sorry for any possible mistakes.

  • Your photo seems to indicate a SCSI drive failure, or possibly an issue with the SCSI controller. For my own part, I've avoided using Dell hardware with PFS as I had some nasty issues with Dells after upgrades. My personal feeling would be to use fresh hardware, but someone came up with a 'workaround' of sorts here:

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