PfSense with multiple MPLS sites

  • Hi Guys,

    I have a 1 sites that using MPLS network to connect to my PfSense at my office. My problem is I cant access any of my servers that attached with PfSense LAN port.

    PfSense Interfaces ;

    WAN : myPublicIP
    LAN :
    OPT1 :

    MPLS network : ( - router) /

    MPLS network is connected to OPT1, from MPLS router, I can access my PfSense without any problem. The problem is I can't access all my servers from MPLS network.

    My servers ;

    Connected to PfSense LAN, example IP address and

    From my PfSense, I can ping MPLS router without any issue. I have done static route from OPT1 to MPLS router, do a firewall rules for OPT1 to MPLS network.

    What setting and configuration need to be done to get my servers will be accessible from MPLS?

    Please help.

  • The solution is ;

    1. You need to make and allow the rules for interface OPT1 to LAN interface, set your destination (all MPLS network)
    2. Create a gateway for OPT1 and do a static route for each MPLS network.

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