@ccigas said in Basic Firewall Set Up: I guess from there, I would not have to allow DNS or HTTP/S through the firewall from there or is that not needed? Typically, on an second LAN interface - called OPTx - you would block http and https acces to the Firewall (= pfSense) itself. Don't block DNS, devices could use pfSense as a DNS, or whatever other DNS they want to use on the net. @ccigas said in Basic Firewall Set Up: For the DNS, it seemed to only work pfSense doesn't use or care about DNS in receives from upstream routers. The resolver - unbound - uses the 13 main root DNS servers (the real back bone of the Internet) to find domain info. That will always works. There is no need - isn't used by default : Ustream DNS servers, ISP DNS servers, Private info collection servers (Google and others); etc. If the default resolver doesn't work, something is wrong with your Internet access. Btw : 'named' or bind, isn't used by pfSense. bind is much bigger and capable, and offers functionalities that hugely surpasses the needs of a firewall.